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Hey, I’m Chris your Student Activities Officer. I am responsible for looking after anything you might do outside of the academic part of University life.  As a student, you get the chance to do things you might neverget to do again; so whether it’s spending a week volunteering at Kids Camp, raising money and challenging yourself by Skydiving with RAG or picking up a new hobby with our wide range of Societies, there’s something for you and much more at York.  


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What I'm Working ON

My Manifesto (PDF)


Progress on policies:

  • More One-off Opportunities – Creation and sustainability of Give It a Go. 3000 participants in Term 1.

  • Make RAG the best it can be – 78 People signed up with Childreach Challenges. 39 Students to undertake jailbreak.

  • Integrating Societies – Launched ‘society of the week’, noticeboards placed outside YUSU building, re-launch of Soctopus.

  • Volunteering Support – Creation of volunteering newsletter, establishing 1-1s.

  •  Developing York Award and HEAR Award.


Extra Work Outside of the Manifesto

  • Demanding better storage space for societies, and other groups with the University.

  • Taking on a large role in managing both the RAG and Volunteering branches of YUSU.

  • Worked with the University  on improving better catering event options  for students .


Unable to meet manifesto promises

  • Lack of skills classes which have had to be put on hold due to investment in Give it a Go.


Current major projects

  • Arranging storage space with societies.

  • Revamping RAG Process’ and making it easier to fundraise on campus.

  • College Charity process and how colleges run.

  • Early stage of developing the student accreditation scheme.



I sit on a number of committees including:

  • VACC (Volunteering and Community Committee)

  • York Award Steering Committee

  • Societies Committee


For Full Sabb Manifesto Report, Click Here