University of York Students' Union (YUSU)



Hey everybody! I’m Scott, your Community and Well-being Officer. My role is to represent you to both the University and the wider York community. I work to make sure that you have an awesome time whilst at York and ensure that you feel included within the community. I will be doing several things throughout the year to help with essay de-stress and promoting a positive environment for you all to operate in. I’m always walking about campus all day,
so if you see me, feel free to stop me for a chat! Welcome to York, it’s going to be amazing!


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What I'm Working ON

My Manifesto (PDF)


Progress on policies:

  • Provisions for Nightsafe and Nightline - A service level agreement set up with Nightline and support for Nightsafe through restructure changes and a sickbus taxi.

  • College Support - Set up a vice-chair network, 1 to 1’s and support with STYC and Head STYC training.

  • Mental Health - Working with NUS to submit a motion on mental health. Setting up a feedback group for the student support services.
    Better on campus facilities - Putting students first in the development of the new Hes East Unity Health site. With increased mental and sexual health provisions.


Extra Work Outside of the Manifesto

  • Hot Water Tap in the Library

  • Creating Unity Health Patient Participation Groups

  • Organising, leading and creating Head STYC Training

  • Working on College Committee Training

  • Housing Fair and ‘Let’s Talk Housing’ Workshops


Unable to meet manifesto promises

  • Unable to gain a strong pay-as-you-go gym membership due to limited options at Hes West Gym.


Current major projects

  • Head STYC Training

  • Off Campus Community Engagement

  • Consent Project Work



I sit on a number of committees including:

  • YUSU Liberation and Welfare Network

  • Student Life Committee

  • York Ward Councils

  • Unity Health Patient Participation Group

  • Welcoming City Task Group (York Council)


For Full Sabb Manifesto Report, Click Here