University of York Students' Union (YUSU)



Hi guys, I am Ben, your YUSU President! I am here to represent you, the students, and help you make the most of your time here. What’s so fantastic about York is the huge variety of activities available; one day you’ll be playing underwater hockey and the next you’ll be campaigning for LGBTQ rights. University is so much more than just a degree, it’s also about the people you meet and the experiences you have. It’s our job to ensure those experiences are the best they can possibly be. 


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What I'm Working ON

My Manifesto (PDF)


Progress on policies:

  • Petition Site – To be launched over summer term in conjunction with the YUSU website.

  • Student Led Initiatives – Created YUSU official Friday nights dedicated to student promoters. Worked with the University to simplify the EMF system.

  • Help Improve Employability – Organised YorHired and interviewed new Director of Careers.

  • Creating a University Tech Group – Turned into ‘The Student Noticeboard’ launching this summer term.


Extra Work Outside of the Manifesto

  • Organized a large scale response to the refugee crisis.

  • Worked with the University to respond to the York flooding crisis.

  • Created a Vice Chancellor question time.

  • Co-ordinated York representation at NUS National Conference.


Unable to meet manifesto promises

  • Currently on track to meet manifesto promises.


Current major projects

  • The Online Student Noticeboard

  • Responding to harrassment on social media

  • Establishing a definitive working relationship between GSA/YUSU and Colleges



I sit on a number of committees including:

  • University Council

  • Senate

  • Student Life Committee

  • Mental Ill Health Task Group

  • College Forum


For Full Sabb Manifesto Report, Click Here