University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Campaign Leader: Robin Brabham

National Union of Students, a campaigning group that once had the best interests of students at heart, has become a self-serving organisation that works not to help students, but to divide and marginalise them. The delegate-based structure of NUS has distorted this organisation into an unproductive, wasteful clique more concerned with its own squabbles than the needs of students.

When throwing away £40 000 campaigning to unseat Liberal Democrats, playing politics with minority representation, ignoring the voices of Jewish students, or wasting time debating selection of Labour MPs, NUS has demonstrated that its delegates’ agendas take priority over students. For years, York’s representatives have tried hard to change this by introducing democratic reform: One Member, One Vote, placing voting power back with students. Every time, NUS delegates either blocked or overwhelmingly opposed them.

Enough is enough. We cannot stay affiliated to a Union which fails to represent us and fails to deliver on its campaigns, with tuition fees still rising and Prevent still suppressing freedom of speech and racially profiling students. Until NUS remembers that it works for us, we cannot be affiliated with them.