University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Campaign Leader: Chris Wall

Whilst the NUS isn’t perfect, the best bits about York will be hurt if we leave. The only people that lose, will be us.

We will lose VITAL support:

Getting a better YUSU website, developing new university harassment procedures, influencing mental health change nationally, informing you about housing; we are able to do this so much better directly because of NUS.

These, and many more, are issues that matter to York students that we won’t be able to be as effective on if we leave.

You will lose money:

YUSU pay affiliation of £ 44,932 last year. However, from NUS Extra card sales and more, we make £ 6,452 net profit and £36,599 in 'unseen' benefit. Both students and YUSU are better off being in the NUS.

Your favourite bars save money by buying from NUS. Meaning to leave, the cost of food and drink would go up.

We lose our say:

The ‘No’ campaign want York to have a say in how the NUS changes. The only way to do this is from within. If we remove our membership, we don’t get to shape that. Staying is how we do that.

The NUS won’t hurt as much as York will if we leave.