University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Academic Appeals

What is an academic appeal?

An Academic Appeal is a University (i.e. not department-based) procedure you can use to dispute an academic decision – usually that you have failed the course and have to leave, or an academic misconduct or Fitness to Practise penalty. (See separate sections for further details on these issues).

Similar procedures are in place for other situations such as poor attendance or non-submission of work, but in those cases the department starts the procedure off.

Appeals must be submitted within a set timescale, which will be set out in a formal letter you receive. You will need to submit full details of what happened and why you are appealing, along with evidence to back up your case.

The Appeals Application Form and full guidance can be found at The Advice and Support Centre team can provide advice on the Appeals Process, how to complete the form and what evidence is needed.

How long does an Academic appeal take?

The process takes an absolute minimum of 6 weeks, and can be longer depending on the circumstances and whether more information and/or evidence is required from either you, your department or other sources.

How can an Academic appeal help me move forward?

It is important to be clear on what the possible outcomes may be – obviously this varies depending on the reason for the Appeal, but you must be clear that your marks will never be altered as a result of winning an Appeal, nor is it possible for you to be allowed to progress on your programme without meeting all the criteria to do so. However, you may be allowed to repeat part of your programme of study or retake assessments if your Appeal is successful.

How do I make an academic appeal?

It is possible to complete the procedure by yourself, but both YUSU and the University strongly advise you to ask for assistance from either YUSU or GSA (for postgraduate students) to guide you through the process. This will ensure that you submit the best possible case, as it is not always obvious to students what to include and what elements to focus on.

Submitting a comprehensive initial Appeal form is likely to minimise the time the process will take, so please contact us at or on 01904 324207 / 323720, or call in to the ASC Office at the Student Centre, James College as soon as you know there is an issue, even if you haven’t yet decided whether or not to Appeal.