University of York Students' Union (YUSU)

Fitness to PractiCe

What is fitness to practiCe?

Although all courses at the University are academically-based, some also have a professional element, meaning that the student is qualified to practise in a specific area such as nursing or teaching. In order to do so, you must be certified as ‘Fit to Practise’ by the University before you can be registered by the relevant body.

This means that if a concern arises about your behaviour, abilities or attitude, it needs to be investigated to ensure that support is put in place if necessary or action taken if the situation is serious.

What happens if you have a fitness to practiCe complaint made about you?

It is important to remember that the departments concerned have no option but to investigate if a concern is raised. This doesn’t mean that they automatically believe what they have been told, and indeed will take action if a malicious report has been made against (or indeed by) you. The initial stages of the process are purely investigative, and often the problem is sorted out before any formal process needs to be conducted. The procedure is partly disciplinary but also supportive, so if something has gone wrong but for a personal or medical reason, support can be put in place to help.

What to do if a fitness to practiCe complaint is made about you?

As soon as ‘Fitness to Practise’ is mentioned regarding yourself, get in touch with YUSU or GSA (for postgraduate students). You can be accompanied to any meetings and get assistance with submitting information. Contact us at, 01904 324207 / 323720 or call in to ASC at the Student Centre, James College.